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Thread: Pubs In Waterlooville

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    Question Pubs In Waterlooville


    My wife is looking for work in pubs in Horndean in Waterlooville (Hampshire) area from June onwards, working 7-11 shifts. She prefers waitress work in pubs that mainly cater for food rather than just bar work.

    I've tried the pub next to the Premier Inn, but they never phone us back. So we're trying a radius of 5 miles max from Horndean.

    We don't know the area very well, in fact 2nd trip when we move June 1st!! Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Horndean foody pubs

    I live in area, I assume the pub you mention was the Red Lion in Horndean?

    This has just been refurbed as hotel, so I guess plenty of food there

    You could also try Colonial Bar, again recently refurbed & trying for food business

    Farmer Inn at Catherington is foody, as is Bird in Hand, Lovedean

    Red Lion at Chalton is very foody

    The area comes under Waterlooville on the Pubs Galore site

    Good Luck, let me know if you need any more details

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