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As part of my occasional series on Anton Dreher and beer in Austria-Hungary, here are some random statistics. Not sure what they tell us.

Beer.—According to the official statements, there existed in the whole Monarchy during the brewing period, 1877-78 (i.e., from the 1st of September, 1877, to the 30th August, 1878), 2,352 breweries in active work, or less by 35 than in the preceding period.

The quantity brewed in the open country amounted to
That in the towns to
On the aggregate therefore to
Or as against 1876-77 with
a decrease of

The decrease in Bohemia amounted to 129,280 hectolitres; in Upper Austria to 74,684; in Galicia to 57,504; whereas Hungary showed an increase of 62,183 hectolitres, and Lower Austria of 21,690.

The import of beer amounted to 2,774 hectolitres only; whereas the export attained the quantity of 214,317 hectolitres, for which the restitutions of the tax amounted to 415,000 fl.

The principal breweries of the Monarchy participated in the abovenamed result with the following quantities, viz :—

Brewery hectolitres Schwechat 409,040 St. Marx 362,520 Liesing 286,260 Hiitteldorf 203,685 Ottakring 169,200 Nussdorf 152,340 Simmering 115,668 Brunn 110,375 Jedlersee 99,360 (All these breweries are near Vienna.) Pilsen (Bohemia) 220,200 Steinfeld (Styria) 123,000 Gratz (Styria) 99,120 Puntigarn (Styria 90.84 Dreher (Budapest) 116,662 Joint Stock Company (Budapest) 103,055

"Reports from Her Majesty's consuls on the manufactures, commerce, etc. of their Consular Districts Part VI Volume 28", 1880, pages 1650-1651.
Now I've worked out what these numbers tell us. That virtually no beer was imported into Austria-Hungary. 2,774 hectolitres? That's about as much beer as I get through in a year.

That was fun, wasn't it? I know, it wasn't. But it's hot and I can't be arsed to write.