Hi everyone! I haven't been on pub crawl for quite long time so I thought I'll take the most of sun and heat..

I set off from my house to catch 765 bus to Tamworth town centre where I took no 116 bus to Birmingham. I could have take regular no 110 bus but i thought 116 would be better due to less bus stop and more scenic than 110.

Anyway, I arrived in Birmingham 48 mins later and went straight to The Wellington (via Halifax bank). It was 11.50am and the Welly was already full! I ordered half of Pig On the wall and it was rather average.

12.35pm, finished my half and set off to Bacchus where I haven't visited for years. As I arrived at Bacchus, there was photo shooting going on inside the pub. I apologised to photographer as I mistakenly walked behind the shooting area. Ordered my half which was Pedigree, sat down and was about to start reading The Sun when angry looking man came to my table. He ordered me get off his premises.. why? All I did was wearing England shirt! I didn't see any notices or even outside. Rather than get involved in row, I simply grabbed my bag and paper and walked out in disgust . Vowed not to return again.

12.45pm, As I walked out Bacchus, I was actually thinking where go to next then I had brainstorm.. I haven't visited Digbeth for YEARS (2005 actually) I arrived in Digbeth and I can see pub in distance... I have completely forgotten about this pub.. The Dubliner. Two weeks after my last visit there, it was burned down and was completely gutted. Anyway, got in and it was much improvised. Pool table no longer there and it has been replaced by eating area. No real ales so I plumped for boring M&B MILD. There were few Irish people drinking away their Guinness. I should point out Digbeth is Irish Quarter in Brum.

1.15pm, Just around the corner from brand new National Express bus station is The Anchor. What I didn't realise is that Drunk Irishman have been following me into The Anchor. He was slurring and I couldn't make out what he was trying to say. Then he started to miming as he wanted some money for more drinks. I refused politely and barman told him to get out. He finally gave up and walked out. I was browsing numerous beers on blackboard and delighted to see Salitire's Triple Chocoholic. Wow! It was so beautiful and very chocolatey. Also I tried Weston's Raspberry Twist Cider which is very thirst quenching and bit like alcoholic Ribenia.

Part two later on..