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Brakspear was a revered brewer back in the 70s and early 80s. All their tied houses were within about 15 miles of the brewery so there certainly weren't any in Sunbury. They were all in South Oxfordshire, Berkshire, South Bucks and just one in Hampshire. Many of them were unspoilt rural pubs.
I don't believe it was a tied house then but the Flower Pot was supplied by Braks for many years and was the best source of it locally for a long time, being one of the few sources of Mild in the area for a long time. Since refurbishment as a boutique hotel, it is indeed now owned by the Brakspear pub company, as is the Phoenix along the road. I haven't checked out the condition of the beers there recently, but well looked after they are still quite pleasant even if not a patch on the Henley brews of 20 years ago.