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Thread: Michael Portillo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tris39 View Post
    I'm not sure if I trust his railway programmes. I saw an episode where he exited Machynlleth railway station then stayed the night at The George III Hotel . The next morning he left the pub and got back on the train at Machynlleth, despite it being an hour's journey - with a change - from Barmouth, the pub's closest station.
    I expect the film crew had things like cars and vans and everyone stayed in the same hotel the whole time it took to make the show. They might well have had to do a train ride more than once if some dickhead ruined a shot by being being noisy or pushing past, as they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tris39 View Post
    Interesting. My mate lives directly opposite the pub over the estuary. Perhaps Morfa Mawddach is nearer but less convenient on the London via Birmingham route as my mate always picks me up from Barmouth. Beautiful location though, and a walk along the disused railway line (now footpath with signals) to Barmouth is excellent; so is the stunning view from the mountain of the pub which I took with my crummy iPhone 4.
    You would never call Morfa Mawddach "convenient" but if you were heading for Penmenpool on foot or by bicycle you would definitely go there. The four platforms and doube lines on both routes are long gone and there is now just a short platform with a crude hut on it, rather like Llanbedr further North where the hut disappeared in a storm some years ago!
    The station was originally known as Barmouth Junction.
    The Mawddach estuary is superb on the odd occasion when it stops raining.

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