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Gasthof Weinbrücke, Kulmbach

"It's not far. And there are a couple of pubs on the way."

You know something? I should by now have learnt to be more sceptical when Mike says stuff like this. Of course, there were no bloody pubs on the way. There was barely a footpath. I'm not sure what the point was in getting off at Mainleus. Nothing more than the fact Mike had noticed it was marginally closer to our hotel than Kulmbach station. Except that at Kulmbach they have taxis.

Mike hadn't bothered with anything as superfluous as a map. He had to ask the way several times. A triumph of forward planning. We only made a couple of uphill diversions.

One bit of good news. The hotel has interweb in the rooms. For me at least. Not wifi. It's done through the mains. Bad news for Mike, though. He has a crappy Apple device that doesn't have an ethernet port. Ha, ha. Serves him right for forcing me on that forced march.

The pub is tied to the Kulmbacher brewery. One of the least inspiring in Franconia. They do have a Kellerbier. Branded Monchshof. They're better at branding than brewing. Has a bit of a funny yeast snatch. Beery. Not sure about any goodness element.

They haven't got the big screen working in time for kickoff, so I start watching England USA in my room. England score after just a few minutes. A bit like in 1982 against France. Not a reassuring thought. Happily I'm fiddling with my fliptop when the USA equalise. It makes me glad the big screen wasn't working.

Mike knocks on the door. "The big screen is on now."

We watch the second half in the bar. I wish there hadn't been a television in the hotel at all. Why do I waste emotional energy on these overpaid wankers?

I don't feel much like staying up late. Beers, football. Equally uninspiring.