Gary Murphy, landlord of Ye Olde Mitre in Barnet, is crowdfunding to raise money to help his legal case regarding the poor implementation of the Market Rent Only Option and the lack of effective enforcement by the Pub Code Adjudicator. I have donated and you may also wish to consider doing so. As of writing, there are 11 days left - and the target is within reach.

"15,000 pubs in the U.K.are contractually "tied" to buying their beer from their pub company at sometimes double the price they could pay on the open market. This makes good pubs unviable, individual landlords and landladies bankrupt and restricts product and venue choice for pub goers."

"The Government legislated in 2016 to allow landlords and landladies to break free of the beer tie with these companies. They set-up the Pub's Code and the Pub's Code Adjudicator to manage the process. However, these big pub companies have managed to obfuscate the process and the PCA is ineffective at controlling them. The result is few pubs have gone free of tie because it's virtually impossible to do it."

"I have spent around £15,000 of my own money on legal advice that demonstrates that part of the process has been incorrectly implemented. If we get it working properly, the impact upon tenants seeking to go free of tie and make their pubs work for them and their communities would be massive."