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Thread: New pub visits 2019

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    I closed 2019 with a total of 212 new pub visits,equalling my previous record in 2017 and so a very satisfying year.

    New years greetings to everybody
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    Only 70 ish this year but as pointed out heading for a 1000 so might make an effort to get there.Might have to drink a lot of Doom to get them though.

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    A very slow summer period saw me finish the year on 191 - nine short of my target of 200.

    My 2019 feels like it was defined by 'craft' keg-only bars - 1 in every 5 pubs I visited this year fit that description, whether they be a brewery bar, a bottle shop or a Brewdog-style craft beer bar. The rate at which these places are springing up around London, combined with the fact that I've ticked most of the 'classic' cask ale pubs around the capital, means that this year's 'new pub' haul contained twice as many craft-keg venues as last year and, looking at my 'to do' list for London, it's likely they will feature heavily again in 2020. I'd better give my bank manager some advance warning!

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    Targets hit and missed in 2019:
    1) Upload all reviews and photographs before the end of the year - just missed (completed before the end of today).
    2) Reach 55% of all open Central London pubs reviewed - badly missed (currently 52.5%).
    3) Reach 35% of all open Kent pubs reviewed - hit (currently 35.8%).
    4) Reach 30% of all open West Midlands pubs reviewed - hit by a mile (currently 35.8%).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealAleRobUK View Post
    This weekend saw me reach 100 new places this year. I hadn't initially set myself a specific target but when I realised 100 may be doable before the end of the year I decided it would be nice to work towards that figure.

    Not sure it will increase now before the end of the month, if it does it will only be by one or two, I expect.
    I did manage to sneak in an extra three places before Christmas, bringing my total for 2019 to 103. If I could get close to 100 for 2020, I would be pretty happy.

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    Default Pub visit stats for 2019

    These are my complete pub visit stats for last year (figures for 2018 in brackets):

    New pubs visited: 236 (259)

    Total pub visits: 847 (753)
    Number of pubs visited: 452 (456)
    Number visited once only: 364 (380)

    Pubs in double figures: 12 (10) (of which 10 (9) in Sheffield)
    Odd ones out: Woolpack Inn, Eskdale & Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds (Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds)
    Visits to these 12 (10) pubs: 235 (202)

    Sheffield Tap 46 (39)
    Wellington 36 (36)
    Shakespeares 25 (20)
    Devonshire Cat 22 (3)
    Kelham Island Tavern 20 (16)
    Gardeners Rest 15 (19)
    Fat Cat 15 (16)
    Crow Inn 14 (-)
    Blake Hotel 11(17)
    Scarbrough Hotel 11 (12)
    Ecclesall Ale Club 10 (13)
    Woolpack Inn 10 (1)

    Total of Sheffield pubs visited: 76 (55)
    Total Sheffield pub visits: 352 (245)

    Non-pub days: 111 (145) (of which non-drinking days: 14 (30))
    Average number of visits per pub day: 3.3 (3.4)

    First duplicate pub name encountered: Prince of Wales (Shrewsbury 2 February, Llanberis 25 March) (Black Horse (Luton 30 January, Whitby 11 March)
    Number of repeated pub names: 31 (24)
    Most common: Red Lion (Sheffield (City Centre), Sedbergh, Dunston (Lincs), Preston (Herts), Sheffield (Gleadless)) (Red Lion (Stone, Crowle, Sandiacre, York and Luton))

    Busiest month: December: 88 (July: 82)
    Quietest: January: 40 (August: 40)

    Number of hours wasted on this: countless (countless)
    Come On You Hatters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyduck View Post
    8 from a last minute Knee jerk trip to Chichester today has me ending up on 131.
    I had completely forgotten about a visit to this place last October, which wasn't on the site, so now added with a description, most of which are facts taken from Whatpub. This swells my end of year figure to 132. I really must try to keep better records, but highly unlikely to reach the standards as seen in Wills most recent post above.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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