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Sitting at work on a Friday afternoon, having just finished what is always my busiest and most stressful period, and watching the Brazil-Portugal game on iplayer, my thoughts turn to my soon-to-be-growling gut. Iíd already filled the fridge with the beers that I wanted to drink but I had no designs on the dinner yet. The beer was Founderís Centennial IPA so I worked back from there.

Jerk chicken is something Iíve never cooked before but itís easy: blitz up spices, marinate chicken, cook. Classic jerk contains allspice and scotch bonnet chillis, wikipedia tells me. In my marinade I used: fresh thyme, lots of garlic, thumb-sized lump of fresh ginger, a couple of chillis (Iím not brave enough for scotch bonnet), juice of a lime, paprika and smoked paprika (I love paprika and the smoked one is there to reenact the BBQíd quality of classic jerk), fresh coriander, all spice, salt and loads of black pepper, oil. An hour to marinade left plenty of time to make coleslaw, something else Iíd never made before Ė grated carrots, cabbage and onion mixed with mayo, mustard and lemon juice. Easy. I fried the chicken to get it going and then put it in the over for 30-40 minutes. When it was done, as I left it to cool for 10 minutes, I sorted myself some corn on the cob to make my dinner as close to a Nandos as possible.

Foundersí Centennial IPA is 7.2% and 65IBU, so it was primed to stand up to the heat of the chicken. Itís overflowing with floral aroma, the orange blossom, a little caramel, sherbet and some over-ripe strawberries but itís the body which makes this FABPOW work Ė itís full and smooth, mouth-filling but not sticky Ė it carries the hops all the way through with plenty of pithy orange and floral fudge. With the chicken it set off in a new direction: the caramel body loved the charred, crispy chicken skin, the hops and the spice were pitched right at the same level and the floral, herby quality in the beer was emphasised by the earthy hops in the rub (the coleslaw acted as a cooling extinguisher to the heat, while the charred, nutty sweetness of the corn makes it a great beer snack). Itís messy, itís finger-licking, itís spicy, itís delicious, it's food and beer at its simple best, itís a FABPOW!

Anyone had any good food and beer combos recently?

After this I had a Captain Lawrence Captainís Reserve IIPA and it probably would have been even better with the chicken. It stands out as one of the best IPAs Iíve had this year: peaches, apricots and mango bursting out in all directions, itís never too bitter nor too sweet nor too floral nor too citrus, just dangerously, wonderfully drinkable - I didnít want the bottle to end. I bought it from beermerchants and Iíve just checked the website Ė sold out. The Centennial is still there though, for now.