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That is brilliant, I really like that. A proper list based on genuine reviewers rather than the opinions of some food/wine snob or whoever is doing the particular list in question. And presumably it will also get updated as ratings change. A very useful reference. Is there going to be a link added to the front page, I can see me checking this whenever I’m off to a new area?

Interesting that for some reason I hadn’t rated No.3, although I generally always do. A bit annoying too that I only photographed no. 71 a few weeks ago, and would have made the effort to stop if I’d known it was a “top 100” and had planned on going in no. 88 last week but abandoned the idea due to the very inclement weather. Again, would have made more of an effort if I’d known.
It should get updated once a day, can't quite do it in real time as there are a lot of calculations going on. I wouldn't get too attached to the list as it stands, it is an interesting starting point but I am going to have to tweak the algorithm a bit.

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I wouldn't set too much store by it, many are only reviewed by a couple of people, sometimes long ago.
Yes, very valid points, but without having tens of thousands of ratings coming in every year it is always going to be difficult.