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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 11th November 2018)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 11th November 2018)

    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    Weald of Kent



    Larkins-Porter 5.2%abv: First sighting of this iconic beer this season.Muscular and dry.
    Dark Star/Fuller Smith and Turner-Hophead 3.8%abv.Hmm,seems a bit 'Northern', not as open as I remember it.
    Tonbridge-Coppernob 3.8%abv.First pint undrinkable:next,from a new cask,lively and earthy.
    Old Dairy-Flaming Embers 4%abv. Roasty amber ale-not my favourite style.
    Harvey's Sussex Best Bitter 4%abv. Unimpeachable.

    My BOTW-Larkins Porter.
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wittenden View Post
    My BOTW-Larkins Porter.
    Lead me to it - where are such wonders to behold?

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    All beers tried this week were in Wales :-

    Banks's Mild (keg) 3.5%
    Black Sheep Best Bitter 3.8%
    Big Bog Hinky Punk 4.1%
    Alechemy Ritual 4.1%
    Big Hand Palewulf 4.2%
    Nant Chwaden Aur 4.2%
    Conwy Black Witch 4.3%
    Hafod Powerhaus 4.4%
    Acorn XV Stout 4.5%
    Blackjack Short & Stout 4.5%
    Neptune Big Sur West Coast IPA 4.5%
    Salopian Lemon Dream 4.5%
    Purple Moose Chocolate Moose 4.5%
    Titanic Plum Porter 4.9%
    Alechemy Secret Citra 5.0%
    Great Orme Chocoholic 5.0%
    Heavy Industry Pigeon Toed Orange Peel 5.2%
    Hafod Big Red 5.5%
    Conwy Telford Porter 5.6%

    The fairly easy winner is the Alechemy Secret Citra which is brewed in er, Scotland. It was something of a hop bomb but went down a treat for £3.80 in Llandudno's Tapps micropub.

    BOTW Alechemy Secret Citra

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    Out saving pubs and enjoying it.


    Hants, Herts, Surrey and Berks.

    Dark Star Hophead
    Harveys Sussex Bitter
    Oakham Citra
    Oakham JHB
    Tring Side Pocket For Toad
    Tring Ridgeway
    Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout
    Red Squirrel Resolution
    Three Blind Mice Lonely Snake Citra And Simcoe Edition
    Wilde Childe Risk Avoidance
    Siren Medjuicia
    Gibberish Nomel Pord
    Ramsbury Milk Stout
    Wantsum Yellow Tail

    I cant see beyond Oakham Citra ,spot on in The Mermaid.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    Harlow and Croydon,a modest week.

    Mc Mullens -- Rivertown Brewing Victory
    Mc Mullens -- AK

    and by default BOTW Burning Sky Aurora ,good but not on peak form in The George.Still went through the 3PT

    Next week quiet but two new openings to check out.
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    Animal Brewing Co - Hop Kitty
    "Do I know where hell is? hell is in hello"

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    Frustratingly quiet, this week.

    Timothy Taylor - Landlord.
    Great Heck - Blonde.
    Stancill - Not Dark Yet.
    North Riding - US Session Pale v39.*

    Easy winner was the Session Pale. Would have quickly passed the three pint test, if family commitments hadn't said otherwise.
    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    Marble Earl Grey IPA
    "Beer is food." Morse, Colin Dexter

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    This week included the Watford Beer Festival for me, so here are just the highlights,

    Weetwood Ales - Eastgate
    JW Lees - Dragon's Fire
    London Brewing - Rye (the hell) Not?
    Wychwood - Hobgoblin
    Watling Street - Sir Newton Golden Ale
    Leeds - Yorkshire Gold
    Pope's Yard - Frogmore Pale
    Pope's Yard - Frogmore Bitter
    Quantock - QBNZ
    3D Beer - The IP-A Team
    Tydd Steam - Barn Ale
    Wolf - Edith Cavell
    Wolf - Lupus lupus
    Cosmic - Jack Rabbit
    Fierce & Noble - Westcoast IPA
    Daleside - Monkey Wrench

    BotW goes to the Westcoast IPA, 6.5% of American hoppiness.

    NB - Pope's Yard is a young brewery that has recently moved from Watford to the old Frogmore Paper Mill in Apsley (Hemel Hempstead). Concentrating mainly on bottled beers they brewed for cask specially for the Watford Beer festival. Hopefully they will continue as both beers were good, and there is also talk of a Brewery Tap in Watford.
    I've just joined Alcoholics Anonymous - I still drink, just under a different name.

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