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It happens, like clockwork, every Wednesday evening. The shopping we do on Sunday has disappeared, the planned meals have been cooked, tomorrow will be pasta because itís quick and cheap and thereís no fresh stuff left, the fridge is bare except for mustards and some sorry slices of meat for my sandwiches for the next two days. Itís on Wednesday then, as thoughts turn to the weekend, that the fridge gets re-stocked with beer, and itís consciously filled to go with the type of weekend ahead: will I be in on Friday or Saturday night? What is the weather like? Is there anything I want to cook to go with a beer? Have we got friends over? What bottles need drinking? What do I want to drink?

So, just a simple question: what beers are in your fridge right now?

Do you keep lots of bottles in there or just a few at a time? Do you plan ahead or just fill it whenever you need to? Do you have a fridge solely dedicated to beer?!

Iíve got two cans of Tanglefoot (my emergency beer reserve), a bottle each of Badgerís Blandford Fly and Golden Champion, a bottle each of Rothaus Hefe and Pils, a bottle of Mariage Parfait Kriek Gueuze, a Centennial IPA from Founders and a Captain Lawrence IIPA.

Iíve got plans on the Kriek and IPAs for this evening as Lauren is going shopping. The Hefe might find itself next to whatever I have for dinner. The others have been in there for a few weeks waiting for the moment they take my fancy.