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Yet another Dutch advert. This time a little older. It's sort of like an idiot's guide to the British beers of the day.

Take a look:

Source: Nieuw Amsterdamsch handels- en effectenblad 25-05-1858

Now here's a translation:
"Real Scotch Ale and London Porter
J.B. Boller has the honor to announce, that he always available MILD ALE, Half-Strong Ale, Allsop and Edinburgh Pale Ale and London supr.-Porter off 2.40, Brown Stout off 2.70, extra Strong Ale and extra Strong Stout for 3 guilders per 6 bottles, single bottles to try at 50 Cents. Since the different types Ales and Porters are not well known, they were ordered incorrectly, so an explanation is judged necessary. The Mild Ale is sweetish taste, while powerful and for many a delicacy, the half Strong Ale is very refreshing and has a pleasant aroma, the Strong Stout and Strong Ale is the most powerful brands which are brewed in Great Britain: the Pale Ale or Bitter Ale strengthens the stomach and the stimulates the appetite, London supr. Porter and Brown Stout are powerful and nutritious, hence the saying: Eat and drink at once, half Mild Ale and half Brown Porter or Stout is a delicious mixture, in many cases the Medical Faculty recommends one kind or another; among others, supr. Porter for using nursing mothers, to promote the production of milk and the strengthening of her Infants.

Address in the Basement Sale on the Singel in Utrechtcshe Veer, F 364, from morning 9 to 8 o'clock in the evening, and in the Nes, A305, all day."
Mild Ale. That's something that doesn't ever appear to have done well in export markets. Despite its pre-eminence in the British market. So this is a rare foreign sighting. It's quite nice to have a descrition of how it tasted, too.

Zythophile is right. People are always getting the spelling of Allsopp wrong.