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I have just entered Cork & Cage on Pershore Road, Stirchley Birmingham as a new bar, and it is cashless. Paid by card, asked for a receipt and was told no receipt unless I can send it to you by e-mail. No cask beers but 10 craft beers.

Decided to go to page 1 and read all the posts, very interesting. Someone told me cashless is because they don't have to carry a lot of takings to a bank nightly. Can understand this in places where local banks are closing I suppose.

I am not getting a receipt by e-mail - don't want to go down that route and was lucky as my half only cost £2.50 .. .. only did I really say that .. .. One beer in that bar was £4.80 for a third of 4.8% It was a Belgian Gueuze type though.
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From Hondo's UK Cards Association link:

"For contactless payments for £30 and under, a receipt will not automatically be printed for you. However, you can always ask for a receipt, and the retailer must give you one if you ask. For contactless payments over £30, the retailer must always print a receipt for you.

If you are paying at an unattended terminal, like at a vending machine, the process is slightly different. To make a payment, simply select the goods you wish to purchase and when the amount is shown touch your contactless card or device against the terminal. You will not be provided with a receipt but you can see this transaction on your card statement."
So , was the response to Gill at the Cork & Cage wrong, or does the e-mail receipt cover the legal requirement?