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Craft Beer Cabin.

However there are two mitigating factors.
Firstly talking to the owners this micro opened in August and at the first Palace match they had great takings. There was then a break in to this shop conversion and all the cash was nicked,so they decided relunctantly to go cashless (they inform you of this before pouring any beer).
Secondly on busy match days,contactless payments are so much quicker than mucking about with cash which allows swifter service behind the bar.
Indeed. Makes perfect sense: reduces the chance of the individual or business premises being robbed if no-one carries cash any longer; it also seems to greatly speed up service. However, since going contactless my bank statements read like phone directories. Shops will still have to make allowances for cash in the event of a card or card reader failure; I've experienced both recently. Sometimes the WiFi reception doesn't work and I know of one premises (not a pub) where the owner has to go outside or upstairs to wave the reader around in order to get a good signal!