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Did I mention that I'm a deeply lazy person? I sometimes wonder what I could have achieved, had I not been such a lazy arse.

This information is a good case in point. A few years back I had a lightning visit to the West Yorkshire Archives in Leeds. In a frantic two hour session between the archive opening between and when the family picked me up in a taxi to go to the airport, I snapped as much as I could. to peruse later at my leisure.

The earliest records were from 1848. Yeah! But, rather than the pre-printed form with stuff filled in, they're totally handwritten. Which makes life much more difficult for me. Being a lazy bastard, i went straight to the 1858 records. Which are on pre-printed forms.

The 1848 records I'd just left untouched. Until this week. When I wanted to know when Tetley started brewing Pale Ale. When I has a trawl through them, looking for Pale Ale. Which I found. Then I realised: these things aren't as hard to read as I thought. Harvest time.

An interesting set. Especially the Pale Ale. Few breweries were making it in 1848. Mostly just in Pale Ale specialist towns like Burton and Edinburgh.

I was surpised at how much Porter Tetley brewed. The occasional Stout, but quite a lot of Porter. and loads of Mild, of all strengths. Five differnt ones.

A dream: all five 1848 Tetley Milds on draught in the Cardigan Arms.

Tetley's beers in 1848 - 1849
Date Year Beer Style OG FG ABV App. Atten-uation lbs hops/ qtr hops lb/brl hops
27th Mar 1849 E.I. Pale IPA 1065.6 1016.1 6.56 75.53% 19.78 5.57 English
24th Apr 1848 PA Pale Ale 1067.9 1018.8 6.49 72.24% 21.44 6.04 English
1st Apr 1848 X1P Porter 1063.7 1018.3 6.01 71.30% 10.40 2.66 English
14th Apr 1848 Stout Stout 1077.6 1021.3 7.44 72.50% 12.12 3.70 English
18th Apr 1848 X Mild 1049.9 1023.8 3.44 52.22% 6.53 1.36 English
5th Apr 1848 X1 Mild 1077.6 1027.1 6.67 65.00% 6.95 6.11 English
5th Apr 1848 X1 S Mild 1069.3 1026.3 5.68 62.00% 6.95 2.95 English
12th Apr 1848 X2 Mild 1088.6 1025.5 8.36 71.25% 6.31 2.26 English
7th Apr 1848 X3 Mild 1099.2 1025.5 9.75 74.30% 6.37 2.54 English
Tetley brewing record held at the West Yorkshire Archives, document number WYL756/1/ACC1903.