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Thread: What do you think that the photograph submission guidelines should be (and why)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post
    I disagree; a picture of a van obscuring a pub, a shadowy building or a dirty bus window are always going to be crap in anybody's view unless they are seriously "challenged" in some way.
    Well yes, there is that. And I think most of us would agree that those kind of extremes belong in the "what were you thinking?" pile.

    I have to say that I have been guilty of not being sure what is allowed, so if there was something I considered to be borderline I may submit it anyway and let someone else be the judge as to whether it gets approved or not. I certainly don't take offence if it doesn't get put through. If there was a list of guidelines then it would take some of the ambiguity away. But then we are making the assumption that people will pay any attention.

    I think it depends on the person approving too. In one pub I had a picture of the fireplace with a couple of drinks on the table in front of it that got approved, yet the same style picture for another pub didn't.

    I'd have thought there would have been more response to this topic as it is something that crops up frequently on the forum. Though there may well be many people who contribute to the main page who don't look here.

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    Most contributors only have the chance to take the picture in the time they are visiting that pub. If vehicles are slightly in the way then the only chance to rectify is if it's gone when you leave.

    Street furniture etc can't do anything about that same as narrow streets and not being able to get everything in shot whether phone of digital camera.

    Internal photos unless a quirk like urinals(barrels are getting very popular now)/wells/signs or features that you consider a view of amusement but if I upload these I self suppress when I remeber

    Views from gardens if interesting OK but then I'll also suppress it may attract people to visit the pub and stop it closing. Unlikely if it's got great views but may sway people to visit.

    Views of pubs looking same. It's a building it exists and doesn't move people will stand and take a photo from similar angles especially if a new place where they potentially have same month pictures from various users as a person is made aware of a new venue from the pub being added and notifications they receive from email alerts so will visit and take a picture.

    Closed pubs as mentioned historical view from picture of pub prior or post closure/demolition/redevelopment valid and should be approved but then take the view to suppress as admin do at present in a lot of cases. If anybody is using this from a research point of view it's easy to identify where a pub was and what it became.

    Night pictures unless proper pitch black then early evening pictures dependant upon the device used to photo can sometimes come out looking worse as can sun above the pub in the daytime. Unless nothing visible it's just the time the contributor is at the pub.

    Admin know the suspects of the worse offenders of us windows etc and I'm sure I've a number that could be highlighted but given people are looking to contribute the intent is only to add to the site.

    The whole point of this thread stemmed from 236 pictures of dross over 10 pubs which yes if suppressed remove from the main screen but the volume of photos of less merit than a poor angle taken was the gripe. But getting an email notification saying somebody has uploaded 41 pictures is pretty annoying especially if the menu pictures aren't suppressed.
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    All of the immediate post above makes sense to me. I only think pictures should be referred (refused) if they are a copyright violation, really awful (dirty bus windows, a complete blur, a vehicle totally blocking the view, taken in a deluge of rain etc etc). Other than that poor ones should be suppressed from the front page. Nothing has been said about age. My picture of this pub was taken around 40 years ago. The two prominent pine trees are long gone, one of them snapped like a matchstick in a 1980s gale and went through the roof of the pub narrowly missing someone in one of the bedrooms. I'm happy to see it suppressed but for a long while it was the only picture.

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