Recent comments by Perry/Graham Mason and yet another batch of crap pictures got me thinking and while I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from submitting photos some self editing is required, some people can't or won't do this so maybe they need a reminder that there are is a bottom line. Perhaps its time to have a thread were we can report any piss poor dross that embarrasses the site.

Here's a random selection, sorry if it seems I've picked on anyone unfairly but we all know there are a few "usual suspects" and some of us will slip in the odd sub-standard shot: (Sept 2018 out of focus and not really of the pub) (Sept 2018 out of focus) (Jesus Christ) (Sept 2018 out of focus) (Sept 2018 out of focus again) (Jan 2018 - given the number of decent photos of this pub do we need a dark, wet evening one?) (Dec 2017 - what is that lurking there?) (WTF?) (err, a picture of some blobs of light?) (almost good for a bus picture) (two more classic bus pictures) (April 2012 classic scaffolding)

plus almost anything by a certain gentleman who only goes out at night and the guy who just sent in half a dozen crap bus pictures only one of which was even remotely decent:- Jesus wept.