Hi, I have written a book on pub signs relating to science fiction, which is due out in April 2019. While I have photos from my own collection for many of the signs discussed, I need images for about 23 pubs that I don't have myself. If you have photos (or copyright permission to them) for Beckett's (Glastonbury), The Canterbury Tales (Canterbury) The Wolf & Whistle werewolf sign (inside the Tan Hill Tavern in Richmond, Yorkshire), The Devil's Stone Inn (in Beaworthy Exeter), The Adam & Eve (Norwich) THe Mermaid (Portsmouth), King Arthur (Dudley) The Wizard (Alderley Edge), Black Smock Inn (Stathe, Somerset - now closed), The Quiet Woman (Buxton), The Charles Darwin (Shrewsbury), The Albert Inn (Totnes, Torquay), Early Bird (Nottingham), Man In Space (Bristol), Piltdown Man (Uckfield), H G Wells (Worcester -Kettering) The Witch & Wardrobe (Lincoln) Ancient Mariner, (Hove), Swan Inn, (Midhurst - Kent) and [Uncle Tom's Cabin (Wincanton).

Unable to pay for images used but photographers and Pubs Galore will be fully credited in my Acknowledgements and retain rights to all images used. If you live near or visit these bars you could snap photos of them to send me, thanks. Arthur Chappell arthurpeterchappell@hotmail.co.uk