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Thread: Somerset Ale Trail 2018

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    Default Somerset Ale Trail 2018

    Aqualung prompted me to publicise the Somerset CAMRA Ale Trail 2018, so here is the list. Anyone wanting a freebie (OK, you spend a bare minimum of £70 on beer plus your travel to get a polo shirt for 20 pubs visited, plus more stuff (book token and a £50 quid meal) for 30 or 40 visited. It's on now, ends 28 May 18. I guess details are on Somerset CAMRA's web page, but I haven't looked. You get a paper 'passport' from one of the participating pubs, then each pub you drink in gives you a sticker to put in it. Like World Cup football stickers for grown-ups. Which does make you feel a bit silly asking for the sticker when there are hardened locals around. The list is:

    1 The Old Pound Inn

    2 The Red Lion Inn

    3 Bird In Hand

    4 Candlelight Inn

    5 The Sexeys Arms Inn

    6 Smugglers

    7 The Cobblestones

    8 The Rose and Portcullis

    9 The Cerdic (JD Wetherspoon)

    10 The York Inn

    11 The Old Stagecoach Inn

    12 The Carew Arms

    13 The Holman Clavel Inn

    14 The Firehouse

    15 The Dinnington Docks

    16 The Bridge Inn

    17 Brent Knoll Inn

    18 The Foresters Arms

    19 Orchard Inn

    20 The George & Pilgrim Hotel

    21 Royal Oak Inn

    22 The Hatch Inn

    23 The Black Swan

    24 The Royal Oak Inn

    25 Cross Keys Inn

    26 The Kings Head

    27 The Globe

    28 Queens Head Inn

    29 The Notley Arms

    30 Ring O' Bells

    31 The Puriton

    32 Valiant Soldier

    33 The Volunteer

    34 White Hart Inn

    35 The Camelot

    36 The Rusty Axe

    37 Half Moon Inn

    38 Royal Oak

    39 The Plough

    40 The Nags Head Tavern

    41 The Maypole Inn

    42 The Cotley Inn

    43 The White Horse Inn

    44 Rock Inn, Waterrow TA4 2AX (Add Pub submitted 6 Apr 18)

    45 George Inn

    46 The Dolphin Inn

    47 Crossways Inn

    48 The Rest and be Thankful Inn

    49 Railway Inn

    50 Quicksilver Mail

    Happy hunting.
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    Think I've been in 24 of those if I added them up correctly. Hmm 2 more today and a recount I seem to be on 28... 3rd time lucky count?
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    Many thanks for that, it must have taken ages! Finding a pub not listed on here is a bonus. Given the CAMRA backing is this a list of lesser known real ale outlets in Somerset? My experience of Somerset pubs is very limited and the JDWs were largely uninspiring. My single memory of a killer Somerset pub was this one in the mid 80s. I've a vague recollection of farmyard creatures (ducks, geese or hens) roaming around the bar but I may have just had too much cider! It was probably just as well that we didn't have to ask a hapless passer by for directions to the village.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldboots View Post

    Thanks OB
    'Beer is for all day, not just for breakfast'.

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