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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 11th March 2018)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 11th March 2018)

    Komakino: Clarkshaw's White Out!
    Mobyduck: Dark Star American Pale Ale
    Bucking Fastard: XT Animal Panda
    Thuck Phat: Rebellion Roasted Nuts
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    London, NW1 & W1:

    Young's Bitter (3.7%)
    Sambrook's Wandle (3.8%)
    Clarkshaw's White Out! (4.1%)*
    Caledonian Over The Bar (4.2%)
    Purity Mad Goose (4.2%)
    XT 3 (4.2%) (bottle)
    Signature Brew Roadie (4.3%) (can)
    Timothy Taylor Landlord (4.3%)
    Truman's Zephyr (4.4%)*
    Adnam's Ghost Ship (4.5%)
    Animal (XT) Gribbit (4.6%)*
    Maltsmith's IPA (4.6%) (keg)
    Thornbridge Ena (4.6%) (keg)
    Hammerton N7 (5.2%)

    Slim pickings this week and the default winner is something I'd never tried before, but this hoppy IPA was in great shape, taken at The Earl of Camden:

    BOTW: Clarkshaw's White Out!
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    A very compact list this week.
    Dark Star American Pale Ale
    Purity Pure Gold
    Flowerpots Peridge Pale
    Hopback GFB
    Meantime London Pale Ale

    The easy winner is Dark Star American Pale Ale , taken on quiz night in The Crooked Billet.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    Kirtlington,Oxford and N7.

    Rebellion -- Roasted Nuts *
    Rebellion -- Smugglers
    Burning Sky -- Plateau
    XT -- 13
    Animal (XT) -- Panda *
    Siren -- Broken Dream Breakfast Stout
    Shiny -- New World
    Mondo -- Dennis Hopp'r IPA * (keg)
    Cronx -- Yallah Mild

    BOTW was Animal (XT) Panda in decent form in The St Aldates Tavern during a short and disappointing crawl around Oxford.

    Next week taking it easy before Brighton.
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    The odd duplicate from above here:

    Rebellion Roasted Nuts*
    Beavertown Gamma Ray (keg)
    XT 13 Pacific Red
    Animal Panda*
    Siren Broken Dream
    Oakham Bishops Farewell*

    BOTW Rebellion Roasted Nuts. Deep brown, nicely balanced and bitter enough to suggest another which gave it a solid pass of the three pint test.
    "Beer is food." Morse, Colin Dexter

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    Not many beers taken this week but this was easily the best Half Moon Charlie & the Chocolate Factory a chocolate MILD.

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    We may find the bravest men?
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    Pretty quiet week for me, also.

    Vocation - Life & Death.
    Ilkley - Fireside.*
    Empire - White Lion.
    Magpie - Raven.*
    North Riding - Citra.*
    Ainsty - Angel.
    Phoenix - Monkeytown Mild.
    Nogne O - IPA. (bottle)

    The L&D (BOTW, last week) was a little more subdued in this week's sample, so it paved the way for the Citra to take the honours (again).
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    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    East Sussex

    Rother Valley-Black Ops 3.8%abv:A 'Black Pale Ale'.Hop-forward, not roasty.Black currants.An excellent beer from a brewery I've long felt to be under appreciated.
    Old Dairy-Uber Brew 3.8%abv:Straw.Grassy hops.Yum.
    Holler Boys-Beast of Bevendean 4.3%abv.This iteration is a rye red ale on cask dispense.Not really to my taste.
    My BOTW-Black Ops. All taken at The Ypres Castle Inn , currently owned by Jeffrey Bell,aka Stonch,the (?) original beer blogger.
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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