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Time for another old advert. I love these things. Tell you want was in the shops at the time. That type of stuff.

Here it is. I love the title: Beers.

Source: Het nieuws van den dag 11-02-1884

This is what it says, for the giving-a-crapply-challenged:

Bass Extra Stout and Pale Ale 15
Vollenhoven's Extra Stout 12.5
Corman's Stout 12.5c per half bottle
Noorsch Stout 25
Noordsch Ale 22.5 per whole bottle
Erlanger, Münchener 22.5 per whole bottle
Dortmunder 15 per whole bottle, 11 c per half bottle
Beiersch diverse 17
Pilsener 18 per whole bottle
Hollandsche Ale De Haan 8.5 c per half bottle
Maastrichts Bier prima 10 c per whole bottle

Note the rather modest role played by pale Lager. Beiersch usually meant a dark Lager. Plenty of Ales and Stouts in there. Both domestic and imported.