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As the world cup kicks off Iím feeling itís time for a bit of a metaphor about life being a game, and wondering whether anyone ultimately wins. I treated myself yesterday to some new tat, all in the interest of relationship harmony. My lovely delightful squeeze has a peculiar attitude to the fridge, thinking it to be primarily a repository for food. Without being sexist, I suspect most women think like this. However we all know a fridge is nothing more or less than a device to keep your lovely lout ice cold.

As Iím about to get through a fair amount of lovely ice cold lout over the next month, fridge space is required and if the lady squeeze is insistent that we need things like vegetables, salad and bottles of milk & mineral water then in the interest of conflict avoidance I clearly need a beer fridge. A fridge solely devoted to my beer, leaving the kitchen fridge for the stuff the squeeze wants to put in it. I was expecting a response of ďGood idea, thatís what we needĒ

Instead I got the response ďWhere are you going to put it?Ē and ďAre you really going to put a beer fridge in the living room?Ē I did suggest putting it in the bedroom for the purpose of a half time can of lout when we are engaged in matters of a romantic nature, but that idea was immediately kyboshed.

Itís bought now. Out of the box and filled up with 24 cans I got for a tenner. Sheís still sceptical and off the view that itís a bit common, when the practicality of it dawns on her I am confident she will see it as the essential household item it is. That the fridge is now free for putting food and what not in, and I can get a fresh can without my eyes leaving the telly box and missing a crucial moment of footie. Now to talk her round for a pool table, table football and a dart board. Itís what every living room needs. The subtle blend of her fine taste in home furnishings contrasting with all a lad needs for a night in. Lout, game of darts and a tasty squeeze to carry upstairs.
Iím also excitedly expecting the arrival of these to put in it. Rubbing my hands with glee. The lovely Kristy from Molson Coors offered to send me a free home draught box of gorgeous Carling. Top stuff. Does life get any better? A beer fridge and some free lout to put in it? Beer blogging is great. Lovely people offering to send you lovely free beer, and an exciting innovation in cooking lager appreciation if ever there was one. Free beer is, I have decided, one of my favourite things in life. Second only to rattling the squeeze. People that send you free beer are clearly among the finest examples of humanity on the planet. If there is a heaven, they have their place, secured by the happiness they have created.