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You remember Tough Ted? I've written about him here and here. Ted Tuppin bosses that friend of the licensed trade Enterprise Inns. Seems though he has come up against someone as plain speaking as himself and he doesn't like it. Greg Mulholland MP described Tuppen as the Gerald Ratner of the pub trade and suggested it was time he stepped down. I am sure all his many failed tenants, having had the pips squeezed out of them by Enterprise, will say "Amen" to that. Not to his face mind - he's tough. No such fears for Mulholland who did though. But he is fit as a flea and one of the MPs who knows what he's talking about when it comes to beer and pubs.

Speaking at a Tenanted Pub Company Summit, organised by the Morning Advertiser he said “I think the aggression and denial of Mr Tuppen continues to be a problem" and recounted how he and Ted have " an interesting relationship” of exchanging “nasty letters”.

There's much more. Read all about it here in the MA. It'll cheer you up no end!