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Not quite chiselled the last few scraps of ore from Whitbread's spreadsheet mine. The sun is singing, the birds are shining. Summer and time for Lager. At least posts about Lager.

These are the sales numbers (in barrels) for the first quarter of 1940.

Bear in mind when you look at these figures that Whitbread sold 24,000 barrels of bottled Guinness and around 200,000 barrels of Stout in total. It puts the 20 barrels of Lager into perspective. Admittedly this is just one quarter. So the real annual would have been 80 barrels. Let's be generous and say 100 barrels. Still bugger all.

Of course, there weren't going to be any imports of three of these beers for a few years.

I hadn't realised that Whitbread's relationship with Artois went back so far. Fascinating, eh?