I think this glitch has been discussed before, but I can't find the appropriate thread and I can't remember Dave coming back with a solution, so I'm reporting it again. (See The Dog Beck (JD Wetherspoon) for an example.)

Background: photographers can "suppress" their own photos (i.e. prevent them from appearing on the pub summary page, though the photo remains in the archive and can be seen on the pub pictures page) and admin users can do the same to photos submitted by other users. This is used for internal shots (such as furniture, beer pumps, food or photos predominantly of people) and generally for photos that don't reflect well on the pub or the site (such as external shots taken at night, or of the view from the pub, or through the muddy window of a passing omnibus).

The glitch seems to occur when a photo is "suppressed" but still appears on the pub summary page and instead is no longer visible on the pub pictures page. In the example above, the photo of the bar counter submitted by David Myles on 19th October 2014 has presumably been "suppressed" along with two other internal shots by the same user on the same date. However, this photo still appears on the front page but cannot be seen among the other photos on the back page.

Hope this explanation is sufficient for Dave to find and correct the glitch. Apologies to anyone who found the explanation tedious.