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Thread: According Welsh "Y" or "Yr" the same status as English "The"

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    Default According Welsh "Y" or "Yr" the same status as English "The"

    Just thought I'd move this thread from the rather obscure sub-forum, where probably only me, Richard and Aqualung have seen it so far:

    In brief (and missing out the bits about serenity now) this is about whether Dave has the time or inclination to do something about listing Welsh pubs called Yr Hen Lew Du as Hen Lew Du, Yr in the same way as the equivalent English The Old Black Lion would be Old Black Lion, The. And by the same token, Ye Olde Black Lion would be Olde Black Lion, Ye. (This would be on postal town pages and areas, of course, not the main summary of the pub details.)

    Patient acceptance...
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