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Hadly got out at all.

Sharps -- Cornish Coaster
Mc Mullens -- Country Bitter

and BOTW Mc Mullens Rivertown Brewing Illustrious.As a long term resident of Hertford ,I've had to suffer Mc Mullens ales over the years but now have to admit that their new micro brewery kit is producing some drinkable stuff under the Rivertown Brewing branding.Illustrious is a ruby red ale,and a decent stab at this style which felt right now it's autumn ,taken in The Hare.

Next week south down the T&M,Titanic bekons before the need for a prematch session.
I was in a Mcmullens pub near Covent Garden that had OC,S bitter brewed by award winning brewer(presumably Mc mullens) Chris Evans rather good it was as well