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Thread: Horndean Hampshire - pubs misplaced

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    Default Horndean Hampshire - pubs misplaced

    The following pubs are shown as Waterlooville, which is correct for post town, but geographically they are in Horndean, the village is currently unlisted by PG but is the spiritual home of Gales brewery until snatched by Fullers, so please honour Horndean by at least listing it

    Pubs are

    The Brewers Arms, 1 Five Heads Road
    Campbell's Bar, 66 London Road
    Ship & Bell Hotel, 6 London Road

    The latter two do have Horndean in address, but town not listed unlike smaller villages of Catherington etc

    Plus there is one other Horndean pub missing, Colonial bar, but I will supply that in add a pub

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    Hi Farway,

    When we seperated out all the sub-districts from the towns it was a case of looking at the towns they were associated with and trying to work out if it was an area of the town or it's own location (normally worked out by if it was surrounded by green). I think for locals some of our decisions must have been quite bizarre, so thanks for putting us right, and also with an excellent case made at the same time!


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