Belatedly:Kent, Gwent and Pembrokeshire.

Canterbury Ales-The Pardoners Ale 3.8%abv-Touch cardboardy.
Tonbridge-Barrow House Brew 3.6%abv- Good earthy unflamboyant session bitter.I think this is Tonbridge Traditional rebadged.
Kingstone-Tewdric's Tipple Ale 3.8%abv-Oat straw session bitter.Chewy hops,long dry finish.From a new brewery for me.
Mantle-MoHo Pale Ale 4.3%-Hedge fruit,nettles.Barley straw.A tough call for BOTW between this and Tewdric's Tipple, but my beer of the week is MoHo, from another new brewery.