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Thread: Pub of the Month (June)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pubsignman View Post
    If you make it down to the Trafalgar you should try to check out the nearby Sultan, which is London's only Hop Back pub. I had a very good midweek crawl between those two and the Prince of Wales recently.

    Woodies is a bit isolated, but you can get the pub crawl effect by changing tables after each drink, thereby giving yourself a whole new batch of programmes, tickets etc.. to browse through!
    As it happens I have just booked tickets for a gig at the Watershed on Wimbledon Broadway next week so I will hopefully get to the Traf, the Sultan and a couple of others beforehand!

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    Somehow or other I've missed this thread till now. As a nomination thread it just doesn't work for me as nowadays I'm a 'go to the pub a lot' man rather than going to a lot of pubs. Three last week and the same three the week before that, and for all I can remember, the week before that too.
    Still, it's nice to read comments on pubs by others.....
    Pubs are a hobby, real ale is a passion. Oh, and like me dogs, fear no evil..........

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