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Thread: Pubco. mergers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyduck View Post
    Done four on their of pubs and they're all at least half decent.
    Done 12. Recently visited The Lord Tredegar and The Salisbury Hotel and was very impressed with both, so am looking forward to getting my arse in gear and doing the Boleyn.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bucking Fastard View Post
    Thats a great restoration and should be a shrine for any supporters of West Ham United given their original Boleyn ground was just up the road.That was a proper old school ground too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Komakino View Post
    9/15 for me. Not been to the Boleyn since we moved to Stratford, so like BF, a re-visit well overdue. The remainder have been added to the (admittedly rather long) 'to-do' list.
    The Boleyn has recently reopened after a £1.5m refit. It was described as being fantastic before and the pub's old website had a gallery of the restoration work being undertaken, so it promises to be spectacular now.
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