This year's crawls have been in London (25 March) and the Midlands (23 June), so I think we need to agree on a northern venue for this year's autumn crawl. We usually do this in November rather than October - is this to avoid a clash with half-term holidays and consequent difficulty obtaining cheap train tickets? I assume so.

Previous autumn dates (and I'm assuming we're going for a Friday as usual) have included 5 October (a bit of an outlier, this - it was the Black Country coach trip organised by Andy Ven and included a number of non-PuGers, as I recall), and 11, 12, 13, 14, 18 and 22 November.

Previous northern venues have been Liverpool, Leeds, York, Hull and Huddersfield.

Previous suggestions have included Newcastle, Durham, Chester, Lancaster, Lincoln, Sheffield, Manchester and Stockport. (Please correct me if I have omitted any.)

Just to get the ball rolling, I propose Stockport as the destination this autumn, with a choice of 3, 10 or 17 November.