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Unlike some of my Lager recipes, this one comes from a brewing record. Though not a full brewing record.

Because, while it does have details of the ingredients and the fermentation, there’s nothing about mashing or boiling. Which is a bit of a bummer. So those bits are just guesses.

Apart from the shit attenuation, this isn’t a million miles away from a modern Dutch Bok. Reddish in colour, malty and without a huge amount of bitterness. It is a lovely beer. I know because I’ve drunk it. Coronado in San Diego brewed the recipe a couple of years ago. Dangerously drinkable would be my description.

There’s still a Heineken Bok, though 20 years or so ago they changed it to a Tarwe (wheat) Bok. I’ve heard rumours that the current Amstel Bok recipe is closer to the original Heineken one. I can believe that. Or rather, would like to. Amstel Bok is my favourite Heineken beer by a long way. And stupidly cheap. I get stuck into it every Autumn.

This was a beer brewed in Heineken’s Rotterdam brewery, located on the not very might river Rotter. It wasn’t far from where I used to live in Rotterdam. I used to walk past the one remaining bit – offices I think – on my way back from town.

1911 Heineken Bok
pilsner malt 2 row 12.50 lb 80.33%
Munich malt 20L 2.75 lb 17.67%
Carafa III 0.31 lb 1.99%
Saaz 60 min 1.50 oz
OG 1067.5
FG 1029.5
ABV 5.03
Apparent attenuation 56.30%
IBU 16
SRM 17
Mash double decoction
Boil time 90 minutes
pitching temp 48º F
Yeast WLP830 German Lager