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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 11th June 2017)

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    Reasonable week, choice wise, but quite a few dull, or tired, beers sampled.

    Kirkstall - Three Swords.
    Sunbeam - New Dawn.
    Revolutions / Eyes - Weisse Stripes Red Rye Wit.
    Camerons - Roots & Fruits. (Nominated for BABOTW).
    Spitting Feathers - Thirst Quencher.
    Eyes - Styrian Wolf.
    Long Man - APA.
    Oakham - Citra.
    North Riding - Mini Citra.*
    Five Towns - Baby Blue.
    Thornbridge - Jaipur.
    Dark Star - Espresso.*

    Another week, another North Riding winner. This brewery is on fire at the moment. The Mini Citra was only 3.7% but had wonderful aroma and flavour for its strength. Fresh as a daisy at Harry's Bar, Wakefield. It knocked spots off the Jaipur, tried in the same session. Not very often I cross swords with 'oldboots', but I was very disappointed with the Three Swords I tried, in the Templar, Leeds, on Tuesday. The condition was fine, but it just seemed to lack the flavour I remembered. The jury's still out, for me.
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    Lots of (mainly good) choice but a fairly easy winner in Fyne Ales - Sublime Stout

    Naylors - Citradelic
    Durham - Pale Ice
    Banks's - Sunbeam
    Marstons - Draught Bass
    Pictish - Permiant
    Sonnet 43 - Aurora
    Wells - Youngs Hummingbird
    Durham - Black Bishop
    Castle Eden (Seaham) - Castle Eden Ale
    Stancil - Porter
    Brew York - Tamarin
    Bad Seed - Azzaca
    Wild Beer Co - Millionaire
    Fyne Ales - Sublime Stout
    Heavy Industry - Chinese Burn
    Harrogate - Cold Bath Gold
    Sonnet 43 - Impressment
    Theakstons - Best

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    Exit 33 - Triple Hop 4.2
    'I only drink on two occasions, when I'm thirsty and when I'm not'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqualung View Post
    They've had this one a few times in the E17 Bell and I've found it excellent.

    I agree and especially when Tesco knock a quid off making it four cans for a fiver. My local one also does 4 Elvis Juice for seven quid. I've never been to a Brewdog bar and doubt that I ever will!
    How big is their brewery as all the supermarkets (and JDW) seem to stock it.
    Biggest selling craft beer in uk is Punk ipa.Cheapest craft beer in Tesco on price per litre.

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    Tempest Chinook vs Citra Dawn Of Justice 2. Only 3.6%, but featuring two of my favourite hops.

    Who could ask for more. Tried rather a lot in The Baum.
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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