Reasonable week, choice wise, but quite a few dull, or tired, beers sampled.

Kirkstall - Three Swords.
Sunbeam - New Dawn.
Revolutions / Eyes - Weisse Stripes Red Rye Wit.
Camerons - Roots & Fruits. (Nominated for BABOTW).
Spitting Feathers - Thirst Quencher.
Eyes - Styrian Wolf.
Long Man - APA.
Oakham - Citra.
North Riding - Mini Citra.*
Five Towns - Baby Blue.
Thornbridge - Jaipur.
Dark Star - Espresso.*

Another week, another North Riding winner. This brewery is on fire at the moment. The Mini Citra was only 3.7% but had wonderful aroma and flavour for its strength. Fresh as a daisy at Harry's Bar, Wakefield. It knocked spots off the Jaipur, tried in the same session. Not very often I cross swords with 'oldboots', but I was very disappointed with the Three Swords I tried, in the Templar, Leeds, on Tuesday. The condition was fine, but it just seemed to lack the flavour I remembered. The jury's still out, for me.