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This has been a strange week. I have been around all sorts of places and sampled all sorts of beer, both cask and keg, and nothing has really impressed me - at least not like last week's choice.

However, I know you readers like to have a suggestion as to what to look for and where to look for it so I will try not to let you down.

If you fancy a trip through world beers then the Sportsman has a festival this weekend showcasing 18 different beers, some of them particularly rare. I sampled a couple of the cask ones yesterday but neither really hit the spot sadly.

My choice of beer is one that I was kindly offered as a cellar run in the Pump Room in Halifax the previous day. Art Brew seemed to have dropped off my radar, I had a few of their beers a few years ago (they started brewing in Devon in 2008) but I have not seen one recently.

Their 'Ginger and Chilli IPA' does what is says on the clip. It is 6% so it ticks the IPA box, and the first mouth feel is a ginger hit. Not overpowering but not subtle either. Just a warming taste. I was a little concerned that it had masked the chilli but never fear, that arrived as I swallowed the beer and a warming feeling started in my throat. An interesting combination.

I must admit that I would not fancy any more a half at a time, and I may have preferred them to have been in a dark beer rather than an IPA but may be I am just being picky. Hopefully it should have appeared on the bar at the Pump Room over the weekend for you to make your own mind up.