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Thread: Football theft.

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    This story gives a new meaning to "Football Theft"
    Drink drink, whoever you may be,
    we are the drunk and disorderly,
    and we’ll drink more beer wherever we may be,
    and we’ll meet you all in a pub said he.

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    Motspur Park or whichever pub I happen to be in at the time.


    If the local planning authority are doing their job properly they will insist on a replacement bar/pub. The format that takes however is not controllable, ie a traditional old community pub could be replaced by some hideous spot, discharging the planning condition but not replacing the facility that existed before.

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    The last Time I went into the Corner Pin a few years ago it was crap anyway. It had no original fittings and was a bland sports type Pub with fizzy Lager & keg Beers so no great loss IMO. theres much better Pubs in the area.
    Don't You just hate Pubs that say
    ( We don't stock any Real Ales as theres Just no call for it.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Gazebo View Post
    You are both missing an opportunity here. The thing to do is to have an ear-piece discreet enough not to be obvious, then dazzle the rest of the pub with your Nostradamus-like skills. Eg when Gerrard starts his run-up to take a free-kick from 25 yards, you can shout, "He'll definitely score here," then wait for the impressed looks as the ball slams into the net three seconds later.
    Fun could be had with the cricket too, someone can be given out, or hit it for six long before the bowler has started his run up on the screen, more so if he's a spinner.

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    I think you could be as popular as someone with one of those channel changing watches. Remember those back in the early 90s ?. One of the few times I have seen somebody thumped in a pub was pratting about with one.It "accidentally " got trod on.
    Also remember...No one likes a smartarse. I wish I could get hold of Tomorrows racing papers.

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    I remember I went to Gallant Hussar, Derby (Sadly now closed) for England Vs Scotland Euro 96.

    It was rammed (it was very small pub to be fair) and from corner of my eye, there was lone Scotsman wearing orange wig, kilt, Scotland flag painted on his face and Scotland football shirt. He was well known around here and never had a problem with English fans.

    Until that Gazza wonderful goal (cue... infamous "dentist celebration")

    Scotsman just completely lost the plot and flipped the table over, sending pints flying over us. Saying "Now who want fight.. come on COME ON!!"

    Lone Scotsman Vs 70 English.. he must be mad! Luckily barman who was off duty that time, grabbed him and threw him out. It wasn't the end of it and he threw punch into front window. Shattering glass into everyone. Needless to say he was banned for life.

    One woman needed stitches after one of pint smashed into her face.
    J.D Wetherspoon = Home of Hoppy: The Silk Kite, Tamworth..

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    I'd like to report the theft, by the Premier League, of football from the Football Association.
    We have seen the ongoing decline of interest in the FA Cup in recent years, with senior teams fielding weakened sides etc, with moan u refusing to enter one year whilst pursuing some poorly thought-out merchandising opportunity abroad, with the FA themselves flying in the face of public opinion by staging the semi-finals at Wembley (garrrgghh!!!), but I was incandescent when I learned last week that the FA Cup Final itself is scheduled, this year, to take place at the same time on Sat 14May as a full Premier League fixture list.

    That said, it is heartening to hear of huge ticket allocations selling out, especially for travelling fans from lower league clubs. The radio suggests 9000 Leeds fans at Emirates yesterday, even when live on ITV - not bad, even if we do 'All hate Leeds & Leeds & Leeds...' And Leicester Man C is sold out today, despite being live on ESPN.
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    We've had Sky Germany and Sky Italia until recently. Since Murdoch raised his stake in them last summer, they've been trying to bully publicans off the air; rather than simply waiting for the results of the Murphy case (Karen Murphy, who stood up to them) which is being heard in Europe as we speak.
    I have phoned Sky UK for a quote, and they've told me it will be £1050 + VAT per month for one box, but that would include 3Dtv. As a guide, we were paying £550 inc VAT for the two foreign systems. It's an industry that needs to be brought back to grass-roots in my opinion; which won't happen as long as people let Murdoch get away with upping his prices and bullying off the competition.

    With regards to the 3pm games, we've never shown them as such - this is a different argument, and is more a government thing as I understand it. trying to help local and "grass roots" footy clubs survive.

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    I see it's all kicked off. Not sure where I stand anymore to be honest.... I suppose that I liked it when a few dodgy pubs had the foreign channels, but most football pubs?

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    I always watch my football in 3D, surround sound and with intelligent commentary. It's called going to the match with a few mates. Beats TV footy every time and is far more healthy.

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