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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 16th April 2017)

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    Quote Originally Posted by london calling View Post
    Where did you get the Pillars beer?
    At the Brewery Tap which sells four off their lagers at four quid a pint, a bit steep if you ask me. I intend to add it to the site along with Mother's Ruin. It's on the same estate as Wild Card and all three are only open at weekends. The key to getting there is the W16 stops for Addison Road and through the iron gates on the West side of Shernall Street. Mother's Ruin make fruit flavoured gins and vodka but now also sell products (bottles and cans) from the two breweries. God's Own Junkyard have also opened a bar but I haven't been there. The whole thing is ridiculously popular, I walked from Mother's Ruin on Saturday as they were three deep at the small bar.
    If you get a Southbound W16 from here it will take you to the Brodies King William IV.

    Update: Pillars Brewery and Mother's Ruin are now on the site.
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