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In case you'd missed it, the best book ever written about Scottish beer is now available.

450 pages of relentless Scottish stuff. With a totally stupid number of recipes - more than 350 in all.

And just look at lovely cover image from Alexei. I thought it was so nice, I paid him €20 euros. Twice the usual rate. He spent it all on beer, so at least he didn't waste the money.

He did ask if it was a lion or a dragon. I understand his confusion. But everyone knows there are no lions in Scotland.

Been putting together my associated talk. Which will preview in Macclesfield 1st April. Trying to keep it to no more than an hour. It's a struggle. So much information.

If you're a home or professional brewer and you'd like to take part in my poorly-defined and chaotic Macbeth project to brew recipes from the book so I can get to drink them, get in touch. I'll send you a set of recipes, mostly influenced by the ones I'd like to drink myself, then come and bullshit about Scottish beer while drinking them. Assuming I can flog a few books, a win win for me.