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What a strange week !!! There have been plenty of interesting beers about, some surprises and a first for me, And it has been a hard job to select a beer of the week, but I have eventually selected one.

I had to visit Leeds after a message from Gary suggested there was one of the weirdest beers he had ever encountered on the bar at Mr Foleys. Northern Monk & Siren Craft have collaborated to come up with Tropical Death Party .It is 10% and is described as a double pina coloda black IPA. Available in cask, keg and cans. Certainly not for me though.

Another from the weird and wonderful box appeared on that visit, in Tapped this time. Weird Beard provided Breakfast of Champignons a keg 4.1 % described as a mushroom sour. It was sour, a bit earthy maybe but that was all, a little disappointing.

In fact I had not realised that I had had my beer of the week the previous day in Halifax, at the Victoria. Admittedly 9% is a little on the strong side, but Track 'Santa Muerte' takes the weeks accolade, It is a collaboration beer too, this time with Odyssey, and the Manchester based brewery have thrown the kitchen sink at the beer.

An imperial russian stout style,and on cask.It is full of chocolate, and cocoa hits but it sneaks up on you with hints of pepper and chillies in the finish. Maybe not the right beer for a session but very interesting for a third.