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Thread: Any pubs in Northern Ireland allow dogs?

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    Default Any pubs in Northern Ireland allow dogs?

    I am trying to fimnd out if there are any pubs in Northern Ireland that allow dogs - I have had no success finding a single one. I would have thought there would be loads!

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Paul,

    Welcome to Pubs Galore. I know a few of our members have done a lot of Belfast, but it is an area that is quite neglected at the moment. Millet has probably done the most N. Ireland reviews and I am not sure he would have noticed dog friendliness, running dog and trainman are both big dog lovers but not sure if they have been to N. Ireland.

    A site I would normally advise is Doggie Pubs, but they only have 1.

    Good luck

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    Like Paul, I would have thought that N.Ireland, & the Emerald Isle in general, would have been very dog friendly. I have been to Belfast with City pre-season, but wasn't noting whether dogs were allowed.

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