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I have heard from various sources, that during this week, 'The Lockwood' on Woodhead Rd will change hands. It has always been a pub that has had real ale on, sometimes with some interesting beers, but it has never been on the drinking circuit as such. This may change from what has been rumoured.

It seems the new licencee will have connections with Brass Monkey brewery and that their beers will be appearing regularly on the bar, and this will give them their 2nd regular outlet, the Rose & Crown at Thurstonland being the other.

At present, I have no confirmation of who has taken the pub over, nor of its opening times, (it was somewhat haphazard recently) but should the rumour be true then it should be pub worth visiting, may be in tandem with the Shoulder of Mutton, on Neale Rd, which is a few minutes walk away but only opens in an evening but does have a decent selection of beer, and may be a call in the Lockwood & Salford Club on Lockwood Rd which again has a few real beers on and by all accounts kept on good form.

As usual, 'A Swift One' will do its best to get the information and let you know.