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Apologies for being quiet on here for quite a while but I hope to post a bit more regularly from now on.
Since Christmas I've made a few forays into Huddersfield and have settled into a bit of a pattern: King's Head, Arcade Beers & The Corner, which are all very handy if you are between trains.
Last night I came across an exceptional beer from Hopcraft (Oceanic) on keg in The Corner. As the name implies there are plenty of New World hops in this 5% pale ale.
Apparently it has been around since 2015 but this was the first time I have had had it.
The Hopcraft blog tells me: "Oceanic is so called because almost all the hops are from the Pacific region of Australia and New Zealand, the home of lusciously fruity, juicy hop flavours. We use only the pineapply, juicy Galaxy and the lean, grapey, winey and totally unique Nelson Sauvin in the brew (plus a tiny amount of German Magnum for bitterness) and the results are, in our opinion, pretty damn special!"
Catch it while you can at The Corner on Market Walk, which is around a five-minute walk from Huddersfield railway station, or less if you are as keen as I am!