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Thread: The Hill, Hampstead

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    Default The Hill, Hampstead

    Just a bit of housekeeping:

    The Hill
    94 Haverstock Hill
    Hampstead (NW3)
    NW3 2BD

    The final one of the 12 photographs that Graham Mason uploaded to the above pub in Oct 09 really doesn't go there; it belongs to the following pub:

    Haverstock Arms
    154 Haverstock Hill
    Hampstead (NW3)
    NW3 2AY

    Next time I'm up that way I'll check whether it's still called The Haverstock Arms, or is now The Havers as suggested by Graham's photos.

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    Hi Rex,

    I have deleted the image (Graham Mason had already posted it on The Havers).

    I also changed it to The Havers, Phillip Carter's older picture has it as The Haverstock Arms, so it has changed since then even if it has changed back.

    Thanks for that.

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