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To all those people who were desperate to read what the second beer of the year was I apologise, (but it wasn't really my fault..blame windows ..) enough said !!!

However, because I feel that we ought not to short change you, you can have 2 for the price of 1 - in blog terms anyway - if you try it at a bar I am not sure it would be appreciated.

Cloudwater are one of our breweries from over in the dark side. They have been brewing since--- and have been producing plenty of interesting cask beers. They went through a phase of brewing beers for --- seasons (often with spring/summer, or autumn/winter) combined.

They also brew some seriously good key keg beers. Their DIPA range is exceptionally good, but sadly exceptionally strong. The latest in the range is DIPA v10 , a mere 9.0% and available at the moment at ---

However, sadly, the beer on the bar at Grove is a swansong. The last cask Cloudwater beer, and pretty good it is too. Winter Sessions 'Centennial/Chinook' is a 4.5% light bitter. Very pleasant, not too hoppy but with a fresh twist. A shame they have stopped brewing cask, in my humble opinion, but the brewers know best. It is excellent, and one of the best beers on the bar, if not one of the best beers in the town. A sad day.