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It's time for one of your five a day !

I am always a little wary of fruit beers, they rarely seem to live up to my expectations, but I have found one that started good and just seemed to get better, and it is a draught beer too.

Red Squirrel 'Raspbeery' is what is says. It is a beer. And it has raspberries in it. Lots of them by the taste of it. It has a pinkish hue in the glass, and very little in the way of hop flavour but it is the fruit that is the star of the show.

At 4.5% it is strong enough to have a solid background to back up the fruit but there is a massive tartness from the raspberries. I thought initially that it was sour and overpowering, but the more I sampled I realised (apart from being very moreish) that it was a classic tart beer, (you know what I mean !!!). Should you wish to get hold of the bit of the barrel left after my exertions, it is on the bar in the 'Star'.