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Hereís a question for everyone and itís inspired by something Andy wrote in a post earlier this week. He said: ďto put it bluntly I was bolloxed.Ē Itís not surprising given the list of beers he was drinking during the day, but the question is this: from a writerís and a readerís perspective, should we talk about being drunk in blogs?

Traditional beer journalism has worked hard to make beer a serious beverage up there with wine and whisky, breaking away from the binge-drinking statistics, so by getting completely hammered and then telling everyone about it, are we in fact doing more harm to beer than good? Or, is that just a side of beer drinking which now gets a chance to be written about honestly thanks to the diary format of beer blogs?

What do you think: is it good to read about someone being drunk (so long as they arenít throwing up on trains and pissing in bins) or does it do a disservice to beer? What about discussing a raging hangover? A part of drinking we should talk about or not?

I also ask because Iíve mentioned it in a piece Iíve written for CAMRAís Beer magazine and wonder what others think. I got the image from here.