Just some idle thought having slightly derailed the beer token thread, I was just wondering what people thought was good in a pub (or not), off the top of my head some things.

Dartboard - never played so quite indifferent.

Bar billiards - think I have only seen this a couple of times in a pub, would be interested to learn it though.

Table football - Damn it! Why does everyone just resort to spinning them

Pool - used to play every week and a major reason for going to the pub when I was younger.

Pinball - I really enjoy pinball, and yet can't think of any pubs I know that still have a table, used to love playing it after a few lubricatory drinks. Would love to get a table if I ever end up with a house with enough space.

Jukebox - again, I quite enjoy a bit of music, but can't abide it when there is nowhere in the pub where you can be heard, should definitely be areas in any pub where you don't have to raise your voice.

Fruit machines - not really a fan, have been known to be briefly hypnotised by the flashing lights when drunk though.

Quiz machines - the actual quiz machines can be quite good fun with a good bunch of you crowded round proving how lacking in knowledge you are.