Good week for me, largely based on the excellent meet-up, in Huddersfield, on Friday.

Saltaire - South Island Pale.*
Vocation - Bread and Butter.*
Fernandes - American Pale.
Acorn - Gorlovka.*
Empire - Forbidden.
Pictish - Opal.
Mallinsons - Kiwi Classic.*
Dark Star - Winter Solstice.
Magic Rock - Inhaler*
Magic Rock - Common Grounds.*
Settle - Attermire.
Three Fiends - Bad Uncle Barry.
Revolutions - Disintegration.
Torrside - Late to the Party.*
Rat - Rata Nui.*
Rat - Nosfer Ratu.*
Oakham - Study in Scarlet.
Acorn - Singularity.
Mallinsons - Centennial.
Siren - Proteus.
Anarchy - Citra Star.
Mallinsons - Doukan Duck.*
Brewsters - Decadence.*

Some fantastic beers in that list, with many worthy of BOTW on a quiet week. However, the one that truly hit the spot, when my palate was still truly discerning, was the excellent Kiwi Classic. Sampled at The Sportsman, Huddersfield.